Preventive Dental Resin Restorations

Preventive Dental Resin Restorations

Posted by Dr. Alicia Abeyta DDS FAGD on Nov 1 2017, 07:50 PM

What are preventive dental resin restorations?

Resin restorations are a preventive option for fighting tooth decay. They consist of a hard, tooth colored compound applied to areas of the teeth that are particularly prone to decay. They can be used in both adults and children, and offer some distinct advantages over other types of preventive dental care.

There are some fissures and pits in teeth that are simply too narrow and deep to be cleaned by brushing or flossing. This is particularly true of the first permanent molars kids get, but also occurs in other teeth. A dental resin restoration seals these fissures, keeping out plaque, acid, and decay causing bacteria – and therefore preventing cavities.

Preventive resin restorations are tough, invisible, and last for years.

How are preventive dental resin restorations applied?

The first step in placing a preventive resin restoration is to ensure the area is completely clean. This is critical, as keeping out any bacteria is the whole point of the restoration. If there are any cavities, they will have to be drilled before the restoration can be applied. However, if you don’t have any cavities, you likely won’t need any drilling at all before your restoration can be applied.

Next, Dr. Abeyta will paint on the resin compound. The compound is designed so that it remains a liquid until exposed to a specific wavelength of light. Once everything is ready, the restoration is hardened in moments with a light wand.

When are preventive resin restorations appropriate?

Preventive resin restorations can be used in a range of cases. For adults, a restoration can be used on any deep fissures or hard to reach places that may exist in the mouth. In children, the adult molars can be sealed as soon as they come in. This is often done because these early adult molars are highly prone to cavities. In cavity prone patients, many teeth may be fitted with restorations.

Think that preventive dental resin restorations might be a good option for you? Call today to set up a consultation appointment!

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