Functional Frenuloplasty for Tongue-Tie

Functional Frenuloplasty for Tongue-Tie

Posted by Dr. Alicia Abeyta DDS FAGD on Nov 29 2019, 11:25 AM

Functional Frenuloplasty for Tongue-Tie is a mouthful, but if you or someone you know has a tongue-tie, this procedure is beneficial for several reasons. 

Tongue-tie can have a huge impact on oral health.  There is a small band of tissue connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth.  This band is referred to as a frenum.  Frenums are located on the underside of the cheeks and lips.  Sometimes, the frenum that is underneath the tongue is too short, restricting the tongue’s range of motion.  This affects breathing, speech, swallowing and the muscles in your face and jaw. 

Here is a list of conditions related to tongue-tie:

  • Breast-feeding requires a baby to keep their tongue over the lower gum while sucking. If the baby is unable to keep the tongue in the correct position. This interferes with the baby’s ability to drink. Poor breast-feeding can lead to inadequate nutrition and failure to thrive.
  • Sleep apnea has been linked to tongue-tie.
  • Tongue-tie can interfere with the speech.
  • TMJ disorder, headaches and backaches have been associated with tongue-tie.
  • Tongue-tie can interfere with “licking” functions such as eating a lollypop or playing a wind instrument.
  • The tongue “posture” can become out of alignment.

How many times when you were growing up did you hear your mom or dad say “sit up straight” or “stand up straight”?  Ensuring proper tongue posture goes a long way to maintaining oral health just like standing up straight goes a long way to maintaining correct posture.

Proper posture is when the teeth are together, the lips seal and the tongue rests gently against the palate.  People who have good posture breathe correctly, in and out through their nose.  People who have tongue-tie tend to “gulp” air and breath in and out through their mouth.  A person with tongue-tie is also more likely to develop a sleep disorder because their airways can’t remain opening while asleep.

For infants, having a tongue-tie corrected may increase the ability to breastfeed, enabling all the benefits that come from nursing.

For adults, having a Functional Frenuloplasty procedure is almost an instant release of tension, with many patience reporting relief from chronic pain. 

Sometimes just the frenuloplasty procedure is not enough.

People who have been living with a tongue-tie may need to address the negative habits that have developed over a lifetime.  Combining frenuloplasty with myofunctional therapy treatment has been proven to be very successful in restoring oral health. 

Myofunction Therapy consists of a series of simple exercises that work the muscles of the face and mouth, as well as the tongue. When these muscles are activated and functioning properly, other muscles will follow suit until proper coordination of the tongue and facial muscles are restored.

If you would like more information about tongue-tie or Functional Frenuloplasty call the office of Dr. Abeyta at (505) 293-7611 or contact us.

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